48% of energy costs link to a few hours a year

Savings are hiding in your bill. Access them with software to avoid expensive market spikes.

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Saving Customers $170,209,565 | Saving Earth 1,218,000 kg of CO2

Electricity prices are volatile and confusing.

Prices and regulations constantly change. There are many ways to save money, but monitoring it all is extremely difficult. Our energy experts have built software to do that for you.

Plan energy usage with market forecasts

Rates, capacity or demand charges, delivery fees - market spikes drive up costs for every part of your bill.

To save more, EnPowered forecasts help you plan usage to avoid costly events. Shut down an entire factory, or simply adjust your HVAC.

Make it easy and automate usage with our API. 

What potential savings are hiding in your bill? Let us show you. 

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