We are Energy Nerds, and we want to help you.

As energy experts, we believe energy bills shouldn’t be complicated (trust us, there are plenty of hidden fees). We want to change that.

New energy technologies are EnPowering users to take control of their energy, costs, asset optimization, emissions, and more. We want to help users pair flexibility and technology to make better energy decisions.


Today, when energy demand suddenly peaks, the grid responds with Peaker Plants and high prices - driving up budgets and emissions. Our commitment to transparency lets users make better energy decisions based on their preferences - costs, assets, emissions, and more.

Flexible Energy

Demand side programs are usually all or nothing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using flexibility in energy assets, like HVACs or building automation systems, improves energy program participation, and helps transition to a real-time grid.


Increased savings will accelerate the adoption of energy and clean technologies. Improving ROIs and making energy markets more accessible is the first step in fuelling this energy innovation.

A Message from Tomas

"I became interested in the energy industry when my parents’ farm got locked into a 5-year electricity contract. I knew that there could be a better solution, so I started EnPowered to help people control their energy usage and costs.

"I firmly believe in putting the customer first. From the very beginning we have aligned our incentives with our customers, putting transparency first, and always working to do what’s best for our customers and the planet.”

Tomas van Stee, Founder and President

The time is now. We’re done waiting.

As part of our mission to fuel the adoption of energy technology, we started the Virtual Energy Movement (VEM). VEM will innovate the energy grid and accelerate cleantech adoption. It starts with directly connecting assets to energy markets to improve ROIs, savings, and emissions.

EnPowered is the software API for assets like HVACs, building systems, machinery, and more to directly participate in energy markets.

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