Celebrating Six Years of EnPowered!

By EnPowered - March 18, 2021

We’ve managed to survive another circumnavigation of the sun, all while growing our business and reaching new heights during a global pandemic: not bad for a six-year-old. We might still be young (only one of our employees is over 40 - don’t worry your secret is safe), but navigating energy markets is anything but child play, so we’re rightly proud of our accomplishments.

And we’re not talking about the kind of ‘accomplishments’ that your parents taped to the fridge (I’m looking at you, Thanksgiving hand turkey) and assured you were worthy of public display. No, we’re talking about growing our company from seven people, in March 2020, to 35 a year later as well as growing annual customer savings from $40 million to $60 million during the same time.

"Last year we helped customers save $60 million and 1,218 tonnes of CO2"

EnPowered’s energy empire doth expand apace, as we are now licensed in five markets in the US and Canada, up from two last year. We’re working hard to help more customers tackle their energy bills and spread the Virtual Energy Movement, all while doing our part to fight climate change. Alongside the monetary savings, we’ve helped our customers save 1,218 tonnes of CO2 last year - that's the same amount of emissions you’d produce from charging over 155 million smartphones!

Our sense of responsibility to the globe is mirrored in our cosmopolitan outlook and diverse team, with employees hailing from 11 different countries and speaking more than nine languages. Diversity and inclusivity have been key tenets since Day One, and we’re proud that female employees constitute 31.4% of our workforce, and we’re looking to keep growing that number and supporting women in the energy and tech sectors to reach their potential.

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