Partnership with Ecopilot Will Get the Most From Your HVAC Systems

By Patrice Belmonte, Director Marketing & Communications - May 03, 2022

Large energy consumers with building automation systems can harness great energy savings. They can save even more by responding to energy price spikes efficiently.

However, most lack the insight to take advantage, and are still managing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) with manual processes.

To help solve these challenges, EnPowered has partnered with Ecopilot to help building managers optimize their HVAC systems. As a result, Ecopilot has launched PeakPilot, a turnkey solution that automates energy usage to capture savings. 

Made possible by an integration between EnPowered’s Price Signal API and Ecopilot’s AI solution for autonomous HVAC efficiency, PeakPilot will allow building managers to quickly and efficiently respond to price spikes in the energy market. This saves both time, and money. 

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Tobias Janes, Director of Technical Solutions at Ecopilot, and James Roth, Manager of Operations & Enablement at EnPowered, to discuss the partnership, PeakPilot, and their upcoming live discussion on May 10 ‘How automated curtailment saves time, energy, and money.’

What is the importance of this partnership for the energy industry?

Through this partnership, we’re creating flexible resources for building managers that add value. It’s exciting to offer PeakPilot to businesses so that they can automate their HVAC systems and leverage flexible loads. 

We’re tying the flexibility that our solution creates in commercial buildings with EnPowered’s Price Signal API to make it easier for building managers to respond to peak events, capture savings, and ultimately reduce emissions.

This is a key partnership for EnPowered. It allows us to expand our partnerships in the energy ecosystem. This will add value for our customers and partner network.

Our solutions have such a great synergy that adds value for the end customer. We share a vision and values, and together we’re working to provide collaborative, innovative solutions for our customers and the industry.

What inspired the creation of PeakPilot?

The customers and the challenges they’re facing. Without having the equipment on-site and this automated response system, customers have difficulty curtailing during peak energy events. PeakPilot will create new ways for customers to respond, and they will gain even further advantages from ours and EnPowered’s services. 

We realized that by integrating with HVAC automation AI,  it would be easier for commercial building managers to leverage EnPowered’s services. 

Typically, commercial buildings don’t have the ability to move their HVAC load around, but with PeakPilot, they can. This creates a whole new audience of customers who can leverage our services to gain another layer of savings.

How does PeakPilot work, and what are the benefits to customers?

PeakPilot watches demand in the market and monitors high-priced energy events. When an event is coming, or if our models are predicting this with AI and machine learning, we send out a signal to our PeakPilot customers. Then, depending on what’s happening on-site and the automation they have, that will trigger an action plan to ramp down their usage. After the event is over, we send another signal  triggering PeakPilot customers to continue using energy as usual.

I think the most significant benefit is that building owners no longer have to worry about these energy events. Peaks can be really stressful for people to deal with. So if we can take this off their plate using PeakPilot it will really help customers. 

Why do you think it’s important for businesses to have curtailment strategies? 

It’s important for businesses to be more responsive and flexible. There’s great savings in the market right now, and they fluctuate every year based on how constrained  the grid is in the area of your business. If it’s very constrained when demand is really high, there’s more incentive for a building owner to be responsive in order to save. 

With renewable energy sources like wind and solar, we can’t just flick a switch and turn on a bunch of power generation. So how does the energy industry match that demand and supply? We need to have more flexibility on the demand side from customers, which is where PeakPilot’s automated curtailment comes into play. 

As we start to connect smart assets, it opens up more opportunities over the traditional hassle of turning the lights out or shutting down manufacturing lines. The energy industry is finally catching up and getting more automated.

What role do you see PeakPilot having in the energy transition moving forward?

I think the role that PeakPilot has is moving things towards automated energy usage, which is really exciting. It’s not only about reducing consumption; it’s about maximizing the way we use energy. If you can significantly reduce your consumption it will have an exponential impact beyond that kilowatt hour cost. 

PeakPilot will provide customers with a turnkey solution that they don’t have to think about and plan for when responding to these short and quick energy events that matter so much. 

What can attendees expect from the upcoming webinar on May 10?

First, you don’t need to be an energy expert to join and take advantage of this webinar. Tobias and I will provide the necessary baseline knowledge, apply it to your businesses, discuss the problem, and show the solution that we have for you. 

The discussion will open up a lot of ideas and opportunities, especially for commercial business owners and industrial manufacturers who have automation systems in their plants that could take advantage of PeakPilot. PeakPilot is a new solution to take advantage of, a unique savings opportunity that wasn’t identified by operations managers in the past.

Ready to improve your curtailment strategy?

On May 10, join Tobias and James for a live discussion on the partnership between EnPowered and Ecopilot. You will learn about peak response programs, curtailment strategies you can use right away, and how to integrate automation into your strategy. 

Register now to learn more about how PeakPilot can help you automate your HVAC systems to save you time, energy, and money.

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