Welcoming Mike Kirkup | CTO

By Janine Scott - October 15, 2020

Today we introduce you to Mike Kirkup, who will serve as EnPowered's Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Kirkup, who previously served as CTO at Encircle, will lead EnPowered's product and technology in strategy and development.

"We are happy to have a technology and community leader of Mike's caliber joining the EnPowered Team - and at such a pivotal time in our journey." said Tomas van Stee, Founder and CEO. "As we scale across North America, Mike is ready to address how challenging and complicated this industry is. He will help us build and scale an innovative software product that breaks that down and makes the industry more accessible, transparent, and open to new energy technologies and innovations." van Stee goes on to say, "We are also passionate about supporting our local technology sector, so we're honoured that Mike chose EnPowered - it's great to be part of keeping such a talent here in the region."

Kirkup brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to EnPowered. He's held various titles throughout his career and has spent time with growing other local companies, including BlackBerry, Velocity, and Encircle. He is very active in the Waterloo region technology ecosystem, mentoring several startups, holding board positions, and being a strong advocate for the sector.

October 19 will be Kirkup's first official day.

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