Cut your energy bills in half (really)

Whether you want to optimize the energy solutions you already have or are looking to acquire new energy solutions to slash your costs and cut your emissions, we can help.

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Find the savings hiding in your electricity bill

Energy is a major expense for many organizations, but the good news is that it’s possible to dramatically lower these costs. Unfortunately, doing so is very challenging, for a few reasons:

Electricity prices are volatile and confusing

A long list of rates, adjustments, fees, and other charges make it hard to understand where savings can be found

Short-term spikes have a huge impact

48% of energy costs link to a few hours a year, but without knowing when these spikes are likely it’s hard to avoid them

Optimizing usage demands data and expertise

Maximizing energy savings is nearly impossible without streams of data and a team of experts

Your crystal ball for electricity prices

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EnPowered Programs does the hard work for you by identifying when electricity is going to be expensive and making those insights available through a simple API. Equipped with these dynamic forecasts, you can:

  • Precisely plan usage to avoid costly peaks

  • Optimize the performance and ROI of energy solutions

  • Identify strategies to increase control and predictability

An easier way to buy energy solutions

There are several reasons why large energy consumers invest in energy solutions:

Reduce energy costs

By reducing overall energy usage and by avoiding drawing from the grid during peak pricing events, organizations can reduce their costs substantially

Lower environmental impact

Reducing overall consumption and favoring sustainable energy sources can meaningfully reduce emissions and other impacts

Increase resilience

Maintaining operations during grid interruptions is essential for many organizations—but is often only possible with behind-the-meter energy sources

De-risk your investments and get started today

A number of barriers often prevent organizations from moving forward with important investments in energy solutions, including difficulty securing the upfront capital required by large-scale projects—especially if the payback period is longer than 18-24 months—and a lack of transparency about the performance and effectiveness of energy solutions.

EnPowered Payments allows energy solution providers to align their selling model with the way you want to buy—including an OpEx-based purchase model that lets you get started right away, with zero upfront capital..

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