EnPowered is licensed as an energy retailer and/or marketer across a number of markets in North America. Residents of these jurisdictions may have specific rights related to the retailing of electricity and/or natural gas; these can be viewed by selecting the links provided below.

Ontario Licenses

  • Electricity Retailer License: ER-2017-0130
  • Natural Gas Marketer License: GM-2016-2345
  • Visit the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) website here
  • Learn more about consumer rights in the province of Ontario here


  • Licensed see ISO market participant list, see here

NY Public Service Commission

  • Licensed see listing of ESCO companies, see here

U.S. General Licenses

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC): OH-2017-3827
  • PJM member status, see here

Ohio Licenses

  • Electricity Retailer License: OH-2017-3827
  • Visit the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) website here
  • Learn more about consumer rights in the state of Ohio here
  • Find our Ohio Environmental Disclosure Statement here.