A better way to sell energy solutions

You’ve got a great portfolio of energy solutions that you know will generate savings for your customers. EnPowered Payments will shorten your sales cycle and increase your revenue.

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Why aren’t more customers buying?

A number of factors combine to stop or slow down purchases of energy solutions

Capital barriers

Many important energy projects never get started because the initial capital requirement is too high

No unique differentiators

Proposals from different solution providers are often very similar

Operational complexity

Buyers find it difficult to measure the impact of their energy management investments

Align how you sell with the way your customers want to buy

EnPowered Payments allows energy solution providers to offer convenient on-bill payment and an attractive OpEx purchase option—better aligning with how customers want to buy energy products and services, and simplifying operations for both parties.

Offer convenient on-bill payment

Bundle charges, rebates, and operational savings for projects, products, and services directly on your customers' existing electricity bills—so they can see their energy costs and the savings returned by their energy management investments in one place.

Transform CapEx into OpEx

Payments makes it easy to transform the capital expenses (CapEx) associated with energy projects into operating expenses (OpEx)—so your customers can get started on essential initiatives right away!

Win more deals, faster

Competitive differentiation

Offering an on-bill, OpEx purchase option for your solutions helps you to stand out in a competitive market

Smoother sales process

OpEx purchases avoid the complications of CapEx, while on-bill payment enhances trust and decreases perceived risk

Simplified operations

Leveraging the billing relationship between your customers and their electricity providers lowers your administration

Benefits for your customers

Coupling an OpEx purchase model with on-bill payment allows your customers to

  • Get started on essential projects today, without waiting for capital to become available
  • Better understand their energy costs, because more energy-related charges and rebates are in the same place (i.e., their electricity bill)
  • Streamline their financial operations by reducing the number of invoices to pay and the amount of effort needed to reconcile across invoices

How EnPowered Payments works

Payments connects hundreds of utilities and electricity retailers into a single platform, providing the economic infrastructure that enables energy solution providers to better meet their customers’ needs.

EnPowered manages all the licensing and regulatory requirements and will also provide the financing partner for your projects—taking care of the details and allowing you to focus on serving your customers.

To get started using Payments, simply provide EnPowered with an existing solution proposal and the customer’s electricity bill. With that information, we will create a proposal for your customer showing exactly how the project can be made more affordable and convenient by billing as monthly OpEx right on their electricity bills—with zero upfront capital.

graphic of steps of joining EnPowered Payments on-bill financing platform

Our goal is always to ensure the monthly Payments charge is less than the customer’s realized savings—so they enjoy economic returns from day 1.

Once approved by the customer, you can install the energy solution and are then paid upfront by the financing partner. Your customer sees the savings on their normal monthly electricity bill and, by paying that bill, will also be paying the Payments charge.

EnPowered takes care of repaying the financing partner; after the partner is paid in full, the customer enjoys all the savings for the lifetime of the solution.

graphic of EnPowered Payments savings and installment timeline

Let's bring cleantech online

Become an EnPowered Payments Partner

Help customers get the most out of their energy solutions

Depending upon the market and a few other factors, 20-71% of a monthly electricity bill is due to demand/congestion fees and time-of-use (TOU) pricing.

EnPowered Programs analyzes more than 400 million market signals to identify when electricity is going to be expensive, and provides these predictions through an API.

Introducing Programs into your portfolio:

  • Enhances your differentiation
  • Strengthens the business case for your solutions
  • Creates an additional revenue stream