Provide More Value, Win More Deals, Grow Your Business

Energy solution providers use the EnPowered Platform to stand out from the competition and greatly increase their revenues.

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It can be hard to sell energy solutions today

Despite the proven benefits of many energy solutions, there are major barriers when trying to sell these solutions to customers.

A crowded, competitive marketplace

By simply selling the hardware, customers often see every proposal as the same, forcing you to compete on price or minor technical differences

Lack of energy market expertise

Optimizing the performance —and the ROI—of energy management solutions requires real-time data and hard-to-find expertise

Limited economic infrastructure

Complex regulations mean that energy transactions aren’t as convenient or seamless as solution providers or customers would like

Stand out from the crowd and sell more solutions

The EnPowered platform enables energy solution providers to reach more customers and offer differentiated value

EnPowered: The on-bill platform for the energy industry

The EnPowered platform enables a unique value proposition that combines unmatched ROI with incomparable convenience. And for energy solution providers who use performance-based contracting, there’s no better way to maximize your earnings than by combining Payments and Programs.

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EnPowered Payments

Payments helps you win more deals, faster, by offering customers convenient on-bill payment.

Customers benefit from a better understanding of their energy costs and simplified financial operations.

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EnPowered Programs

Programs lets you connect to real-time price signals to capture savings of up to 70% for your customers, greatly increasing the ROI for your projects.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so now you can access more customers, offer more value, and stay ahead of the competition.