Life at EnPowered

The energy industry is ready for change, and perhaps you are too. Learn, create, and contribute to a growing company with a great team.

We work on ‘cool stuff’ with amazing clients. Hailing from seven countries, speaking seven languages, we pull together experience from a variety of disciplines and we enjoy tackling challenges together – all to achieve our mission and have fun in the process.

Our Values

- Value 1 -

Always be willing to look customers in the eye and tell them what you did today.

Integrity is at the heart of what we do - EnPowered was literally founded after our founders’ family farm was locked-in to an energy contract that cost them thousands. If we ever do something that we don’t want our customers to know about, we should stop immediately.

- Value 2 -

Transparency is the best way to see dangers hidden under stormy waters.

We conduct our activities with complete and open transparency at all levels of the organization. Our newest employee should feel empowered to speak up and hold anyone in the company accountable if they see favoritism, office politics, or any unnecessary lack of transparency.

- Value 3 -

We are all in this boat together, and we need everyone rowing in the same direction.

The goal at EnPowered is to get it right, not to be right. Your degree or your job title does not mean you are right. We always try to stay humble and have a good sense of humour – especially with our dad jokes, the cringier the better.

- Value 4 -

Take risks and get knocked down, just get back up again … and again … and again.

It’s not only ok to make mistakes, we encourage it - that is how we learn and grow both individually and collectively. We need to be biased to action, we should always work to build and test things fast. Things will break, we will make mistakes, and that is ok.

- Value 5 -

Don’t be afraid to sub out, we perform best when everyone is at their best.

We all work together closely as a team, but it’s important to remember that this is not a sprint –it’s a marathon, and that means we need to be supportive of people 'subbing-out'. If you need to ask for help - ask for help. Need to take vacation - do it.



Work on meaningful projects, deliver results, and seek out challenges. Have the leeway to learn, try, fail, and try again.

Green Initiative

We help our customers save energy and money. Also helping energy systems become more sustainable, creating a happier planet.


Your life is full! To help you maintain balance we offer flexible schedules, vacation time, team events, and benefits.

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